Anglican Diocese of Cape Town


 A diverse and vibrant Anglican family on the Southern tip of the African continent

Our unity in word and sacrament creates a dynamic community seeking to be ‘agents of change’ and ‘heralds of the kingdom’.
We gather around this our statement of intent.




 To be a community rooted in the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, which brings God’s healing, wholeness and hope to a broken and wounded world, with joy and compassion. 
Remembering that as a diocese we are on a “JOURNEY TO WHOLENESS 
Transformation & Renewal: Seeking renewal and transformation as Anglicans, together with the wider church. 
Our Values: Upholding God’s vision of society, for community, sharing and relationships, with integrity.
Welcome: Welcoming all, especially the lost and outcast.
 Healing: Promoting ministries which seek to bring healing      
 Others: Celebrating our diversity and differences.
  Liturgy and Worship:  Exploring our different expressions of joyful and glorious worship. 
                               Evangelism:  Leading people of all ages to a personal encounter with the crucified, risen and ascended Lord.
       New Roles:  Releasing bishops, clergy and people into inspired leadership roles and responsibilities.
Education & Training:  Equipping and nurturing our people for ministry and discipleship. 
 Stewardship: Building accountability for the stewardship of all our resources and committing ourselves to responsible giving. 
 Spirit-led: Being rooted in the Holy Spirit through prayer, to transform our lives and our communities.




  1. The President of the Republic of South Africa announced that with effect from midnight on the 28th of December 2020, SA would revert to Level 3 restrictions.
  2. In addition, the President also announced further hotspot areas affecting Western Cape, the Garden Route, KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng.
  3. With immediate effect, all social gatherings, including faith-based gatherings are prohibited until the 15th of January 2021. The situation will be reviewed then.
  4. A new curfew from 21:00 until 06:00 was imposed.
  5. The wearing of face masks compulsory. Failure to do so constitutes an offence punishable by law.
  1. Implications for church and worship
  1. ALL places of worship are closed with immediate effect.
  2. Places of worship may only be opened for purpose of conducting a funeral.
  3. The prohibition on gatherings both social and faith-based means we are not able to worship, conduct weddings, baptisms, confirmations or ordinations until further notice but at least for the next two weeks. The team working on other implications for ministry and will update these.
  4. Funerals must be held in full compliance of all health protocols.
  5. A designated compliance officer must be appointed in writing.
  6. Attendance at funerals restricted to 50 if the venue can accommodate 50 while maintaining a social distance of 1.5 m between all attendees.
  7. Smaller venues are restricted to 50% of the capacity of the venue.
  8. These numbers to include ministers and altar parties.
  9. Masks must be worn at all times.
  10. No singing is permitted, although a soloist may perform, observing social distance and health protocols.
  11. Recorded music may be played.
  12. Funerals to be completed within two hours. One hour for the actual service and the next hour for the committal or cremation service.
  13. No night vigils or prayer meetings allowed.
  14. When going to sympathize or express condolences to the family, please keep the visit short, observe the social distance, sanitize and wear a mask. These are hard asks of us all, but it is needed, to save lives.
  15. No social gatherings to be held in our homes too.
  16. No after tears gatherings, including lunch or tea etc.
  17. In order to reduce pressure on mortuaries, every effort to be made to conduct a funeral within five days.


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